Downloading transactions from Bank of America-all other States.

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I have done as suggested; refreshing the account through the Online center. No success getting contact with BA. I have changed my BA Password. In the Vault BA refuses to accept the new PW.
Next suggestion?
Are you seeing any other similar problems with BA?
To enter the new PW I went to Tools; Password Vault: Bank of America. No password was entered so I added my new one and it was rejected, then added my old one and was rejected.



  • Chris_QPW
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    Have you gone through the reauthorize process (starting One Step Update should have shown this button) that changes Bank of America’s connection type from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect +?

    Bank of America no longer supports Direct Connect and Express Web Connect + no longer uses you username and password, and that is why it will not be accepted in the Password Vault.
    This is my website:
  • jdickins
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    Thank you , I knew I had overlooked something simple
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