Budget Report shows duplicate transactions

Jim NE
Jim NE Member
I note as I drill into details on the budget report that often I'll see duplicate transactions. Checking the associated accounts only shows a single transaction rendering the budget summary page questionable (at best), incorrect (at worst).

Futher I note this subject was brought up Sept 8 (2022 by dmhump1) and "edited" Oct 8th, evendently closed with not mention of a resolution, or explaination

I'm keepting close track of our budget-to-actual and hoping to have an accurate report ... What's the problem with Quicken here???


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    The Current Budget report, (assumed to be the report you're using), is frequently a Customized and Saved report.  Is this the case for you?
    It is not infrequently reported in here that updates to the Quicken program, for some unknown reason, can damage Customized and Saved reports, and maybe that's the case here?  If it is, the first thing I'd try is to do some more customization on the report to see if that somehow results in the report now presenting accurate information.  In worst case situations you might have to simply recreate from scratch an new customized Current Budget report.
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