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I have a number of investments which are unlisted, and I price manually. can't seem to accept my prices, and prices them all at $1/share making the balances and analysis there pretty much useless. Fortunately, my brokerage does provide me with a tool that works.

However, I keep turning off the automatic update to, and something keeps turning it back on. At times, I find myself wondering why Intuit wants my share information so badly.


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    Have you looked into Edit / Preferences / portfolio and unchecked all accounts from the list?
    And have you looked into Tools / One Step Update Settings? If there's a selection for Update, have you unchecked that setting, then clicked Apply, Update Now to save the change?
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    This has been a bug for more years than I can remember.
    It seems that when certain updates are pushed out, they change the configuration files that control this.

    So, what I ended up doing is selecting on closed account and selecting "Sending my symbols only".  That results in it not sending anything to  If you deselect everything when the option to download gets turned back on (and it will) it will complain about nothing being selected.  So, this is my workaround.

    This is my website:
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    Thanks, Chris. It doesn't solve my problem, but at least I know I'm not thumb-fingering the options every time.
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