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Example: BofA checkcard transactions come in as

CHECKCARD 1105 (payees name)

Should have the ability to rename payees in bulk which allows options to remove(or add) a set amount of characters or spacing at head/end making it easy to remove extra information from downloads.

It would be great to bulk rename by replacing the first "14 characters at head" with (then left blank.


  • splasher
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    If the downloaded Payee has the name in it as shown in your example, you can fix it when they are downloaded using Renaming Rules (Tools menu).
    I have lots of them like "if payee contains "ABC", rename it to "American Beverage Co"".
    If you have lots that are the same, sort by Payee to get them in a sequence in the register, select the range of transactions, then right-click and select Edit, after that it is straight forward following what is on the screen.

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