Mysterious 415 (area code) phone number associated with my (new) Quicken account via text alert

I've spent unnecessary time regarding a text message from Quicken that read "Quicken Alert: You've set up an account with this phone number. The text shows to have been sent to 1 (415) 301-XXXX. I'm not familiar with this number and I certainly never entered it in a form. Since others in the Quicken community have had this same problem, and one said "Unfortunately, followed the link to verify because I thought I could get more information or cancel the account association with that number. This turned ou t to be a mistake because upon following the link I was told the account was verified" so I've not verified via the link. Can someone at Quicken please disassociate any 415 number with my account, and install my mobile # as the account's associated number?


  • Chris_QPW
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    You can log in here and check what number is connected to your Quicken Id: (Select Sign in, and select My Account).
    Once in there you can select Sign In & Security and it will show you the phone number associated with your account.

    But I actually believe that what is wrong is the message.  The first time you use a Quicken Id they send that message to verify it.  415 is the area code of Quicken Inc.  I wouldn't be surprised that they actually sent you their phone number instead of yours.
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