Newly Added Accounts Have Wrong Balance

I've been using Quicken for several years now. Recently, Chase made some changes to how transactions are downloaded and something about that made it so my accounts wouldn't reconcile anymore. So, I decided to bite the bullet and start from scratch - deleted all of my accounts and started over. After the initial set-up, the balanced displayed looked correct (they matched what had cleared my accounts on the bank website). I'm not sure what caused the balances to shift, but my credit card is off by a few thousand and my checking is off by about $2K. I don't have a clue why - this same thing happened last week so decided to give it another try, got the same result. Anyone have any ideas? I'm close to being done with Quicken at this point.


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    A semi-frequent issue that has plagued Chase is that, for reasons unknown, the "Opening Balance" of an Account can be changed, apparently as the result of a download, and that will of course throw your balances out of whack.  That would be the first thing I'd check. 
    If that's the source of your problem then fix that Opening Balance number and put that number in the Memo field of the transaction in case it happens again.
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