Deleting automatic renaming rules (Q Mac)

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I'm using Quicken for Mac, and have a payee which is being automatically renamed incorrectly. Neither the original payee or the renamed payee show up under Payees & Rules/Renaming Rules. Is there somewhere else to find this setting or a way to delete ALL RENAMING RULES and start from scratch?


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    If you download transactions, Quicken applies any local renaming rules you've created, and then automatically applies renaming rules at the server level. There is no way to change or delete server based rules, even when they are creating a wrong result. So there are two ways you can defeat the server based renaming rules:
    1. You can turn off server renaming in Preferences > Connected Services ices, by unchecking the checkbox which says "Automatically improve the quality of downloaded payee names and categories." But this will turn off renaming for all transactions, as well as auto-categorization of all transactions. So you might find this solution to your problem a step backward.
    2. You can create a local renaming rule for the Payee which is being improperly renamed. For instance, if Quicken is automatically renaming Payee "Home Place" into "Home Depot", you could create a renaming rule which ramens "Home Place" into "Home Place" (e.g. keeping it the same). This allows you to do targeted overrides of sever renaming. If you have just a handful of problematic Payees being renamed incorrectly, this might be a better solution.
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