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I'm trying to xfer all shares of a mutual fund in one account to another account. When I transfer, only some of the shares are moved with the rest left in the first account. The transaction dates are not transferred either - all are listed as the day of the transfer. I'd like to see the original transfer date in the second account - if that's possible. I can't find any difference between the entries that are transferred and the ones that are not.


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    I do not know why all of your transactions were not transferred.  When using transfer shares, Quicken posts the transactions as "added" on the date of the transfer. If you edit those transactions you will see the original date of the transaction is included.

    BTW, there is a new feature to "move" investment transactions which may give you what you want.  I have never used it so cannot say how reliable it is, and would therefore strongly recommend backing up first if you use it.  Search your onboard help for "move transactions" to learn about it.

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    I assume you are using the Shares Transferred Between Accounts selection from the Enter Transactions box in the old account. Is this correct?

    This only transfers your current holding of the security, including their tax lots, to the new account, not the historical transactions. So if you originally had 500 shares in the old account but you have sold 155 of them at some time in the past, you should see a Removed transaction the leaves you with no shares in the old account and Added transactions that total 345 shares in the new account. Are you seeing something different?

    If you have shares left over in the old account, perhaps the old account actually had 2 similarly named securities and you only transferred one of them. Click on Holdings in the old account and set the As of date to the day before the transfer. Do you see a security with the number of shares that you think were not transferred?
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