Print one month budget (Q Mac)

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Is this possible?


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    Yes, of course it is.
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    Yes, but you probably won't like it! ;)

    Select File > Print or Command-P as you would to print anywhere in the program, and it will generate a printed report. In the Print dialog box, be sure to select portrait (vertical) mode to save some paper; other than that, however, there are no user controls over formatting, so you'll likely have a many-page report. You can print to a PDF or open in Preview if you don't want to waste the paper.

    Just for some background, the one-month budget was a carry-over from the 2010 Quicken Essentials for Mac, the predecessor to the current Quicken Mac. Quicken Essentials didn't have the annual budget functionality, so the one-month screen was all it offered for budgeting. Once the code was revamped to become Quicken Mac, the annual budget capabilities were added, and the developers left the one-month budget screen for those who wanted it. But they have never updated it, and it likely needs to be completely re-written because it uses an old report generator, while most reports in Quicken Mac have been re-written to use a newer and more user-configurable reports engine. My guess is that re-writing the one-month budget screen and report will happen some day, but it's probably low on the priority list because more people use the annual budget.
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