how do I reauthorize Chase?

My Windows Quicken won't accept my password as it still says it's "direct connect". I would like to change it to the new Chase log on. My password is accepted when I go directly to Chase but not in Quicken. I don't get a "reactivate" button.


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    Try this.  Backup first just in case.
    Go to every Chase account, Account Details -> Online Services tab and select Deactivate, and then go back to the General tab and clear out the financial institution name and account number and any other information like customer ID.

    After that is done select Tools -> Add Account.  Type in Chase, select Chase for non-investment accounts and Chase Investments - New for investment account and then Next.  This should prompt you to authorize your accounts with the new connection type like this:

    When you get to the Quicken dialog that shows the online accounts be sure to link them to the correct Quicken accounts.
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