social security estimate greyed out. Anyone else?


The retirement planner 2nd step calculate your projected social security says if you arent retired yet click "estimate" but that's greyed out for me and there isn't anything to toggle. what the [Removed - Language]?


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    Actually, the removing of the estimate was done by "popular vote".
    The bottom line was that the estimate was seldom right because of all the different possible situations, and at the time that estimate was forced on the parts of the calculation.

    I'm not exactly sure of what steps you are referring to for the "2nd step" but if you select Change Assumptions -> Retirement benefits -> Retirement benefits... Edit, you should get this dialog:

    Clicking Estimate... gives this dialog:

    And all this entry does is multiply the monthly amount you put in by 12 to get the annual amount for the main dialog.
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    If your setting up LTP for the first time and are entering your assumptions, I found that if you don't completely fill in the About You section, you will find that the Social Security estimate box is indeed greyed out.  Could this be your case?  If so, make sure your About You dialog is completed (see image 3).

    The following illustrations show the issue, at least one case where the Estimate was greyed out !

    Image below shows SS Estimate box greyed out - No About You data entered
    New User setup of LTP

    Step-wise through this version of planning assumptions, as a new user, to enter minimum data to produce a plan graph (and to allow SS entries).

    Enter About You data here

    Once About You assumptions are populated, then the SS estimate button becomes active.

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