Ask Quicken to treat one of my brokerage accounts like a checking account

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I use one of my brokerage accounts as a checking account to pay bills. The data for that account imports in with the other brokerage accounts at my brokerage firm. Under account settings, Checking is not an option in the drop down menu because the accounts imports over with the other investing accounts.
How do I separate this one brokerage account to reset it as Checking?

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  • Jon
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    As long as you have that account set up to download transactions from the brokerage, it will have to remain a brokerage account. Even if you disconnected it, though, you would not be able to change it to a checking account. You would have to create a new checking account, move all the transactions over to it (assuming there were no brokerage-type transactions which could not be moved to a checking account), and then update & reconcile it by hand.

    Perhaps someday we will be able to rearrange accounts in the Account sidebar regardless of account type, but we're not there yet

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