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Vanguard recently exchanged my "Investor" class shares for "Admiral" class shares in a mutual fund (tax-exempt bond fund). The only difference between the shares is a lower expense ratio for the Admiral shares.

When I downloaded the transactions, Quicken asked if these Admiral shares were the same as another (similarly named) fund that I already hold. I clicked "no" for Quicken to create a new mutual fund (ie Tax-exempt Admiral shares Bond Fund).

Quicken entered the exchange as two transactions: a "Withdrawal" and a "Deposit" of the original fund (Tax-exempt Investor shares). It did not create a new fund. Therefore, my Quicken account does not accurately reflect my holdings (currently, 0 investor shares and X Admiral shares). Also, I suspect the withdrawal and deposit actions will show up in reports as taxable events (at least the withdrawal will, not the deposit). Neither of these transaction were categorized in Quicken; so I now have 2 "uncategorized" transactions (which do net out) in my reports.

What is the proper way to enter these transactions? What is the correct "Action" and correct category that will record the change without creating a taxable event?



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    Q recorded the transactions that Vanguard sent.  Q didn't create anything.
    Depending upon which Q product you're running, I would have used "Mutual Fund Conversion" which is available in the higher level Q products.
    So, Take a backup, delete the Withdraw & Deposit txn, and try the conversion action in your account.
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