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Me and my wife are using Quicken now and I added my info for the credit score reporting. How do I either add hers, or change it to her info?


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    It is my understanding that only one person's credit score can be requested per Quicken ID.  I have set up several different data files for different family members but all of those files are linked to my Quicken ID so even though each data file is unique and for different people only my credit score can be added to each of those files.

    I believe to get your wife's credit score added to Quicken would require her to have her own Quicken ID ( account) and to pay for another subscription for her.  Then you could "Sign in as another user" and set up her credit score report in it....but yours would no longer be shown until you sign in, again, using your own Quicken ID but hers would then no longer be shown.

    Something you might want to consider doing, instead:  Create accounts for each of you at (which is now an Intuit company).  Both of you can then get Equifax and TransUnion credit scores and reports for free every day and not just one company's data only 1X every 3 months for just one of you.

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