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Hi on 09/20/22 I bought quicken delux I wanted to wait until December to instal it The program says it comes with a 1 year subscription, and I installed it on 11/15/22, I didn't have the information to put in the program so I shut down the program. On 11/18/22 I opened the program and seen it said that I exceeded my data base then it said that my subscription has expired 11/18/22 and I will have to renew it. What kind of bull is this. Then I look all over the package and on the back of the box on the bottom where the bar code is is a date saying Quicken Deluxe 2020 was I sold a old program or should I get with support or what?


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    Since you are working with a boxed version, the subscription starts with installation (when purchased online from Quicken.com, it starts at time of purchase).
    You need to contact Quicken Support to resolve this.  I'm sure that you will need to have a copy of your purchase receipt, but they are the only ones that can help you, we here on the forum, for the most part, are just fellow users and the mods don't have access to the tools that support does.

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  • Dave and Rose
    Thank you will do that right now
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