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When viewing "bills and income" Y axis goes all the way up past $27K when my highest projected amount for the next 6 months is only $10K. How do I make it so not so much empty graph space shows???? see screen shot here:


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    Hi @rcuringtond,

    You raise a really good question.  Is it possible that, based on past history, or future projections, that your future bills and income payments - may have - or could in the future - reach up to near the $27k level?  

    You may want to look at your projected future payments (spending data) to see if there may be an error or some future payment - such as a balloon payment - that could be causing that anomaly.

    Of course it also could just be an issue with Quicken's graph parameters, just hard to say. 


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  • rcuringtond
    Thanks. I tried looking... It should resize the graph with what ever filter I am using... for example, if 6 months is my filtered view the graph should not go higher than my highest amount in that 6 month period. Is there a way to send this to support for a fix?
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    ... Is there a way to send this to support for a fix?
    Yes. In Quicken's menu bar: select Help > Report a Problem...

    When you describe the issue you are having, you can include a URL pointing to this discussion as additional support.
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    Just a note that Report a Problem is a one way communication; a black hole. If they can verify what you're reporting, and if they determine it's not working as it should (e.g. that it's a bug, not a missing product feature), they'll enter it into their database of open issues and get to it whenever they prioritize fixing it. But you won't hear from them. You won't know if they verified your report, or couldn't reproduce it and discarded it, or verified your report but determined that changing the behavior is an enhancement request rather than a bug fix…

    Your other option is to call Quicken Support and have a representative share your screen so you can try to get them to understand the issue. If they conclude it's wrong behavior, they can create a bug ticket to forward to the developers. I'd say it's a long shot going this route, but at least you have a dialog with someone and a chance to show them what's wrong. 
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    I keep having this problem too. It keeps including my historical payments as recurring payments in projecting future payments which I did not schedule on purpose. I thought this graph was only supposed to use scheduled payments not the projected comparison plot (even when turned off). This flaw makes this "feature" completely unusable as there is no way to turn it off. Please fix.
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