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I have a quick fill rule that is wrong. I can't find how to edit it. I bet it's simple. I'm frustrated that it's taken so long and so many searches to still not know how to do it! Help please.


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    Have you looked at https://help.quicken.com/display/MAC/Adding+QuickFill+rules yet? This might help

  • jacobs
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    Editing QuickFill rules is easy… once you know where to look. ;)
    • Pull down the Window menu to select "Payees & Rules".
    • Click the "QuickFill Rules" tab at the top.
    • Scroll, or use the Search field at the top, to locate the Payee you want to edit.
    • Double-click the Payee, or single-click to highlight the Payee and click the Pencil icon at the bottom of the window.
    • If the Payee has a ">" icon of the left of the name, and displays "Multiple" in the Category column, it means there are two or more rules for this Payee. Click the ">" icon to open the Payee to reveal the multiple rules which exist for that Payee. You can then edit any of the rules, or click and delete (the "–" icon at the bottom) any which you don't want.
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