Property & Debt accounts do not show up when I try to connect my online accounts to sync

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I have been having problems with syncing with my credit union, so I disabled my account and reenabled it. I have 5 active accounts including a car loan and first and second mortgages... the loan and mortgage accounts are in the property and debt section in quicken. When I try to connect the accounts found at the credit union with my existing quicken accounts, these accounts are not in the choices available to me. I temporarily selected 'don't update in quicken' for the three accounts found at the bank. How do I connect them?


  • Steve Peartree
    I have the same problem trying to connect account - the account is not in the list.
  • bartemanuel
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    can anyone help with this?
  • NotACPA
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    It's the financial institution, not Q, that determines which accounts are eligible for download.  I'd contact the CU and see if they can help.

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