Imported transaction dates in Windows quicken premier show years off by 100. 2021 imports as 2019

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I am using Quicken Premier on a windows 11 machine. When creating a new file I am importing using a qif file exported from a Quicken for Mac 2007 file. The import works fine accept in the registers the dates are ahort by 100 years( i.e. the transaction date of 8/14/2021 shows as 8/14/1921). Too many transactions to do 1 by one


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    If I remember correctly you need to set your system date format on the Mac to use the full year before exporting, which worked for some people.  But in any case, you can use this program CleanQIF to fix up the dates.

    BTW this is known as the Y2K problem where when old programs used 2-digit year format and can't tell the difference between dates in the 1900s and the 2000s.  Quicken Windows' fix for this was to use either of these formats for dates in QIF files that are in the 2000s.
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