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Looking for help.
I am looking for the best printer to use when I print my Quicken checks.
I use the 3 check sheets and sometimes the checks slide or walk up so that the print is not aligned.
Suggestions please


  • aaskew1999
    You might want to check your printer pathway a lot of times dust, fur balls, etc. accumulate over time going in with a little rubbing alcohol and a Q-tip may solve the problem. But if you want a recommendation HP replacement parts are easy to order.
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    Whatever printer you decide to use, IMHO, a printer which pulls sheets from the input tray, face up, in numerical sequence is best.
    For example, my old Epson Stylus CX4800 printer pulls sheets from the one and only input tray face up, in numerical sequence. I could load the entire tray full of check forms and they'd come out in proper numerical order.
    OTOH, If I were to use my newer Epson Workforce printer, I'd have to load the exact number of check sheets needed for this print job face down into the input tray and either select to print multiple checks in reverse check number order or manually shuffle the sheets so that the lowest numbered check sheet is on top of the stack, still face down.

    If you can't resolve the "partial pages getting lost in the printer" issue, you can try to use form leaders to feed your printer with a proper 8.5x11" sheet while printing a partial 1- or 2-checks page in normal portrait orientation.
    See for an example of form leaders. Check your local office supply store, search on the Internet or order from Intuit.

    My 2cents' worth:
    I use Voucher Checks (1 business size check + 2 stubs on an 8.5x11" sheet). My printers do not have a manual feed tray or 2nd paper tray that can easily be reconfigured to feed partial pages (1 or 2 checks left from a 3-checks-per-page sheet), so for my occasional check printing needs Voucher Checks are easiest to use.
    When making a purchase decision for a new supply of check forms and considering your own check stock to use, consider how easy or difficult it is to feed special forms or odd-size partial pages into your printer.

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    I think the thread title "Printer help" isn't going to attract responses to the actual question, @jameschaney. You might want to edit it to something more like "Recommend best check printer for QWin" or something.
    My HP OfficeJet 8600 prints 3-part wallet checks perfectly, with check stock in a second paper drawer. I love this printer, but it's 10 years old and won't last forever. So I'm also interested in recommendations.

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    @jameschaney Where, from what vendor, did you buy your checks, and are they guaranteed to be "Quicken compatible"?
    Because the symptoms that you're describing are also indicative of non-compatible checks.

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