Renew subscription amount not disclosed

Anyone else go to renew with the black Friday/cyber Monday discount and get charged the regular amount WITHOUT your authorization? Literally showed the discount amount the entire time, even after I signed in. But my credit card shows that the regular amount was actually taken out. Customer service confirmed that they charged the higher amount. Very frustrated. I would post screenshots here if I could figure it out. I wasn't planning on renewing until I saw the discounts. I do not want it anymore with this deceitful tactic.


  • retird
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    Don't they have a 30 day money back guarantee?

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    @cookseyfamily Can you post the screenshot or the URL of what you saw?
    Because, frequently, Q offers discounts for "New Subscribers Only" ... and since you were renewing, you didn't qualify.
    I'm wondering if this is what happened.

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