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Completely confused re using Quicken communities. I select Quicken Mac then "Discussions" and find misc discussions re: Quicken Windows. I am told to use Quicken Care but find no way to post a question. I am told to use Quicken on Twitter but cannot find any way to post questions or reply. Any specific help would be welcome.


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    On the right side of the screen (or bottom if yo have a small screen), click on Quicken for Mac. Then you can click on any of the 15 categories for Quicken Mac. In each category, you can read and you can post.

    If you visit the Mac categories you're interested in, look for the small bell icon above the list of topics and click it fo "follow" the category. I've done this for all the Mac categories. Then, click Home, and set the View (just above the list of topics) to Following instead of All. Now, each time you visit this forum, or click the Home page, you'll see only the Quicken Mac posts, with the most recent at the top. (There are sometimes new posts which are entered as Mac but are really about Quicken Windows, but these generally get caught and are moved to the appropriate category.)

    Sorry, I'm not much of a Twitter user, so I can't help you there. Search for "Quicken Care" on Twitter, you can Tweet the support team for help with an issue, I believe. But I think this community site is much more active.
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