Adding Apple Pay credit card to Quicken

How to add an ApplePay card to Quicken?


  • NotACPA
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    That would be Apple Pay's decision.  You can only add accounts such as this when the Financial Institution, ApplePay, has signed the contract with Q/Intuit to provide such service.
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  • gregneg
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    On your Mac: add an off-line account to Quicken, choose credit card as the type.

    On your phone, tap on Wallet
    Then you tap the card 
    Then tap Card Balance
    Then select Statements (pick/select one)
    Then select Export Transactions
    Then Select Quicken Financial Exchange (QFX)
    Then share it to your Mac (I choose airdrop for that)

    Back on your Mac:select File>>Import>>Bank or Brokerage File.
    Browse to the QFX file and select it.

    Do the matchup, if called (it will be a one-time thing)

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