How do I get a Credit Card added to existing integrations list?

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Need Mercury Credit Card, issued by First Bank & Trust, Brookings, SD added to list. I'm finding the name of that bank, but not finding the appropriate link to

The whole system leans toward inefficient / unusable if I can't get transactions automatically flowing in.


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    Hi @teebone73,

    I did some searching online...

    While I see that the Mercury credit card is indeed issued by the First Bank & Trust, the bank's website has absolutely no mention of that card.  And the site is fairly new and very comprehensive.

    In addition, the Mercury card website has no indication whatsoever of any ability to download data (except possibly through their mobile) and no mention of Quicken or how to download into Quicken.

    When I try to connect such a card in Quicken - it looks like it is not supported for Quicken downloads.  You could try logging into the Mercury card website as a user and see if they have a way of connecting or downloading data that doesn't appear on the "public" website, but if they don't, I am afraid you may be out of luck.


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    Extending the comment by @Frankx, it's  the Financial Institution, and not Q, that determines what's eligible for download. 
    Q can't provide download until the FI has signed the contract with Intuit, the download provider.
    Bug the bank to explain,  and consider changing banks to one that's Q friendly.
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