Blank screen when starting Quicken 2017 after downgrading

XCountryToo Member
My subscription to Quicken recently expired and I went ahead and uninstalled the subscription version and installed my previous copy of Quicken 2017.
After installation and subsequent launch of Quicken 2017, I input the password to my quicken file and all I get is a 'blank' screen - I see in the top left File and Help and a white box in the middle.
What do I do to go back to 2017???


  • Update: When I try to create a new Quicken file, I get the popup 'Your Quicken Connected Services have expired. etc' I click on Done and same, the 'blank screen'. :(
  • AWSsco
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    I have exactly the same problem.

    I don't use any connected services, entering data manually, but usually upgrade every 2 years. I won't be doing that again if this is the way that customers are treated.
  • splasher
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    edited November 2022
    Quicken made changes so that users can NOT re-install QW2014-QW2017 recently.  See this thread for a possible work around if you possibly have access to the 2017 Quicken.ini file:

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