Why does CD in Fidelity IRA show up with the price / quote value multiplied by 100?

Something is getting screwed up with price download from Fidelity. A CD in an IRA account is constantly quoting a price of $9,996.50 when it should be $99.965 "per share" (the normal approx $100 per CD "share" valuation). This is messing up the account balance and my net worth. I've overridden the price history several times, yet when I sync, this happens again and again.


  • Tom Young
    Tom Young SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Is this a situation where "it used to work but doesn't now" or was this a newly added security and has always been reporting in this fashion?  I take it this was a "traded/purchased" CD?
    If this is a new security that's always had that problem then I'd simply change the "number of shares" and "price" in the original purchase to align with the price downloads.  If this is "new behavior", it looks like Fidelity uses Direct Connect to download information so you should be able to open a recent OFX log file and see where that price is coming from.  I'd think it would be Fidelity, not from Quicken's quote server.
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