Asset Allocation Report Shares not Adding Up

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My Asset Allocation report is showing 19.580 Shares when I have 22. I never had bought fractional shares. When I click on the stock and go to the register version of the report it shows all 22 shares but why is the report incorrect? This throws off my rebalancing figures.


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    The Asset Allocation report divides up your shares in proportion to the asset classes. So if your fund holds 89% Large Cap and 11% Small Cap or Cash, that would explain what you are seeing in the Large Cap category..

    If you want to call it all Large Cap for example, you can disable asset allocation downloading and set the allocation yourself.
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  • Thank you that makes sense since I primarily invest in ETFs. For now I think I will leave it alone. Thank you for the quick response. I should have realized this, but assumed a bond etf (AGG) would be all 100% bond but apparently there is a little other asset class mixed in.
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