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My bank transaction report will not run. Reports-Banking-Transaction. Also, the saved transaction report (accessed by using the gear on the account screen) shows no detail for 2022, just a total. There is detail data for 2017-2021 but the detail stops at 1/1/2022. I tried to run the cash flow report for 2022 and got totals but when you click on the category here is no data detail.


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    please confirm how the 'date range' is set with each report.....did you choose a custom range that ended on 12.31.21?
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    Remember that "Last Year" is 1/1/21 thru 12/31/21 but "Last 12 months" is 12/2/21 thru 12/1/22.

    You can set the default date range for reports at Edit > Preferences > Reports and Graphs.

    Be careful to check date ranges for saved reports. They may save their date range based on when the report was saved rather than today's date. 
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  • I have verified the date range. I tried 2 ways. Using the dates 1/1/2022 to 12/31/2022 as well as “this year to date”. No change. Same results. No data
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    @Candy0215 - please do me a favor and change the data range to 'earliest to date', make sure ALL the categories are checked and ALL the accounts are checked..... do you get any 2022 transactions? 
  • No - Same result. The report shows transactions from 2017 to 12/2021. Then all of 2022 is blank lines. The lines are there but blank. Then at the end I see a total for 2022.
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    suggest calling support  - 
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