Maturity Dates Report - Treasury sold yet still appears in the report

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I bought a Treasury 6/6/2022 and sold it 12/1/2022. As expected, the treasury no longer appears in Portfolio view. But it still appears in the Maturity Dates Report!! p.s. I already tried validating Quicken. It didn't report anything about the treasury nor did it fix the problem.

What's up with this??? This is frustrating. Grrrrrr

I posted snapshots of the security report showing it bought and sold. And the Maturity Dates Report - where it's still showing up


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    Hi.  I can't help with the Maturity Date issue, which is your original beef with Quicken, but I've been trying to figure out why Quicken apparently can't download T-Bill maturities from Schwab.  Could you post a picture of how this maturity appeared on Schwab's "History" page?  You say you "sold" the T-Bill on 12/1 but was this really a maturity of the bond that you manually accounted for (correctly) as a sale? 
    (And, maybe, the Maturity Date report might remove the bond tomorrow?  It's true that the bond matured on 12/1 but maybe it gets removed from the report on the day after that?)

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    The Maturity report is not sophisticated enough to realize the bond is no longer owned. This is a very long established flaw in the report. 
    The recognized workaround is to eliminate the mature date from the security detail after you have disposed of the bond. While it accomplishes its goal as a workaround, it is an exceptionally stupid solution. 
    There is an aged idea post about improving the report but I don’t have the time currently to create a link. 
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    UPDATE. As you indicate, the maturity report doesn't recognize the bonds are sold but now day after the maturity date, then entry is no longer in the report. Can live with that
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