Quicken welcome video shows -> you can set up accounts on web and it will migrate to desktop

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I just started a subscription yesterday with quicken deluxe. After paying for the subscription I got this email :
Hi there,
Welcome to Quicken! We’re happy you chose to get started with Quicken on the Web.
Quicken helps you see all your spending in one place. You can categorize your transactions to understand where your money goes, monitor your bills, and stay on top of your budget.
Watch this video to learn more about how Quicken on the Web can help you:
Also remember that you can always log in to Quicken on the Web at:
I watched this getting started video and started by setting up my accounts, added bills, etc with Quicken on the Web as the video suggests. I signed in to desktop app but the account is completely blank and isn't syncing with everything I just spent over an hour entering on web account. Contacted customer support and first they argued that's not what the video says. It's exactly what the video says. See timestamp 3:35. I just cancelled my subscription and will be getting a refund in a few weeks... if only I could also get those two hours of my life back. It’s completely irresponsible for Quicken to show a getting started video that completely wastes the user’s time when the user discovers all the time they spent setting up accounts and recurring bills and budgeting on the web can’t sync to the desktop app.


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    Yeah - it appears this video has been up and running for awhile - and you are not the first to wander into this minefield of investing time & effort only to find that all the data you entered is now "orphaned" and will never be able to be connected to an actual Quicken desktop data file..... 
    We have flagged this topic several times for the Admins/Mods ....

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    @GWshark Actually, Quicken Mac has a somewhat completed version of this feature. Hold down the Command key while selecting File > New, and the normal Let's Get Started page displays an extra option: "Start from a Quicken Cloud Account (BETA)". It's clearly designed to do exactly what's described here: start a desktop Quicken file from data already entered in a Quicken Cloud file. I think it carries the "beta" label because it's never been a released feature -- and most people who have tried it have reported failure. I tried it when we first became aware, and it somewhat worked, but it imported the wrong Cloud file (I had several). You can give it a try to see if it works for you; I'm just telling you that theist few people I've seen on this forum who tried this were not successful.

    It's not something that's been actively tested by beta testers, so I'm not sure what the status of this feature is? Work still in progress? Abandoned idea? Incomplete project stalled for some reason? 

    Meanwhile, I do not understand why the moderators here don't address this when it comes up. It seems Quicken has to change that video unless/until they complete the feature.

    That being said, even though you lost an hour setting up your accounts, since you had previously determined Quicken was a good tool for you, I wouldn't give up on it. Just restart from the desktop program; once you start, you can sync your desktop data to a new Cloud file, and going forward you can enter/edit data in either place. 
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