Account share balance significantly less than total of "Available to Sell" when specifying lots

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I'm attempting to reconcile lots held in Quicken with the lot details recorded by my brokerage for a frequently-traded security. I noticed this morning that one of the issues appears to be that -- although both my brokerage and Quicken show that I hold 770 shares of this security -- when I go to sell shares and specify lots, the "Specify Lots Sold in This Transaction" dialog box shows a total of 836 shares under "Available to Sell". How is this possible? I've done a Validate and Repair with "Rebuild investing lots" checked -- no change. I'm running Quicken Premier Version R45.13, Build


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    I suspect (in Quicken) you have a long position of 836 shares and a short position of 66 shares such that Quicken shows your net holding as the 770 shares. 

    I’d be looking for a 66 share sell that does not properly indicate what shares are sold. It might or might not be recorded as a ShtSell. 

    If you find the transaction, it will likely be best to delete and re-enter it. 
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