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  • SMCHome
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    I have 5 different securities that appear in the Securities Mismatch Comparison window. I believe this is due to my brokerage making errors and then correcting them. For whatever reason, it appears the correction did not download and all of this occurred months ago. There have been no issues since then.
    What I want to do is delete these transactions in the Securities Mismatch Comparison window. I do not want to roll back any software updates which I have read about people doing.
    Several years ago I experienced this same thing, but I don't recall the process and was hoping someone might know this procedure.
    I appreciate any suggestions the Community may offer.
  • bizbuyer
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    SMCHome, if your problem relates solely to the fact that your brokerage firm made errors and the corrections weren't downloaded, you should simply enter the corrections into Quicken manually. That should solve the problem.

    Many folks on version 45+ are experiencing differences between investment firm shares and Quicken shares (and Quicken is wrong). That's why we're rolling back to version 44. It is very easy. Given the problems with versions 45+, I'm not sure that I would make any entries based on those differences.
  • q_lurker
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    @SMCHome. Can you please elaborate on the 5 securities being misrepresented?  A rather common case is that the broker reports X shares of ABC but Quicken has those as company XYZ. It would help you can attach a screenshot of the comparison. 

    If there is some mismatch in play, then unchecking the security detail box about Matched with online security can frequently help. 
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