Quicken User Interface has become very slow

HollyHo Member ✭✭
Entering data in Quicken has become incredibly slow -
- When entering transactions, display lags significantly behind my typing.
- Lookups for category or payee take longer and longer to fill in.
- Selecting a menu option has a visible delay.

This seems to have gotten much worse in the last few weeks.

Quicken H&B
Version R45.13
on Windows 11 Enterprise


  • NotACPA
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    I'd suggest dropping back to R44.28 by downloading and installing it from here:

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  • mbrunkow
    mbrunkow Member ✭✭
    I'm having this exact same issue..... H&B Version R45.21 - Build
  • tivolo
    tivolo Member ✭✭✭
    @HollyHo @mbrunkow
    Is this issue temporarily resolved by restarting Quicken (i.e. problem shows up after Quicken's been running for a little while or, in particular, after a One Step Update)? If so, it may be related to this ongoing issue:

    I believe a couple of folks in that thread have mentioned the same typing lag that you've described, and this could certainly be a side effect of the resource leak discussed in that thread. The thread also provides instructions on how to monitor Quicken's resource usage, which can be useful in determining if this is the root cause of your problem.
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