Is there a way to delete multiple memorized payees at one time?

Jeffery C
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We have been using Quicken for, like 25 years. I am teaching my wife how to do our book keeping and she noticed that we have NEVER deleted any memorized payees. It took about 15 minutes just to delete to obsolete payees starting with A. How do I select multiple payees and delete them all at once?


  • Boatnmaniac
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    You can click on one Payee and then while holding down the Shift key click on another Payee.  Those two Payees and all the other Payees in between them will then be shaded.  Right click anywhere on the shaded Payees and then click on Delete.
    Another option is to hold down the Ctrl key and then selectively click on specific Payees.  This will shade only those Payees that were clicked.  Then right click on any one of the shaded Payees and click on Delete.
    Something else you might want to consider doing:  Edit > Preferences > Data Entry and QuickeFill > check the box for "Remove memorized payees not used in the last XX months" and enter the number of months you want.  I have memorized payees set to be removed after 18 months.  I figure if I don't use a memorized payee in that period of time then the odds are that I won't ever be using it again.

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