Ever since EWC+ I can never reconcile against online balance

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For over 15 years I have always reconciled registers against current online balance.

Ever since I switched several of my banks to EWC+ this doesnt work right. My balance is off by some amount. Sometimes it's obviously the exact amount of a paycheck or some pending transaction...sometimes I have NO IDEA what's causing it.

I now have balance adjustments all over my registers to account for this, and I don't understand why. I'm afraid that I'm somehow missing real transactions.

Has anyone else observed this or have an explaination?


  • Tom Young
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    I only have guesses here. 
    With DC anytime you did an update your computer contacted the FI's OFX server to get the latest numbers, numbers that should be "real time." 
    With EWC (forget about the +) an aggregator (Intuit) dials in, on their schedule, and gets the information that's available at the time, and stashes that info on their server.  When you do your OSU you're getting what the aggregator has stashed on their server, which may be "stale dated" when you do your OSU because transactions have occurred between the time the aggregator got its information and the time you do your OSU.
    Then too, there have been problems, particularly with credit cards, where the aggregator is including pending transaction (transactions that may or may not occur in the future) as part of the balance figures.
  • JeremyGNJ
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    This all translates to quicken becoming irrelevant to me :(
  • Tom Young
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    Were you forced to switch to EWC+ by the banks, or did you simply do it for some other reason?  If the latter you might see if you can use Direct Connect instead.
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