Can Quicken (Subscription) automatic update at sign-in be disabled?

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Every time (except once when my wi-fi was down) I bring Quicken up it grinds away looking for something online. I assume it's looking to update accounts or Q software. I have no accounts linked to online sites. My 300Mb/s Internet service is right in the next room & signal is strong, so it's not that. And, in fact, just today(?) Q informed me that there was an update and asked for Admin permission to execute (which completed in a flash.) So what's happening & how can I disable it?


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    Every time we open Quicken it will sync with the Cloud Account to confirm your license and check to see if your installation is the latest version.  If it is not the latest version it will either automatically update the software version or will prompt you to decide whether or not to update the version...your Windows UAC settings determine what will happen.   I have my UAC set to "Always Notify" so I always get a say in when the Quicken software will be updated.

    There is no way to turn off Quicken checking with the Cloud Account from within Quicken. 
    One thing you can do that will prevent this from happening is to disconnect your computer from the Internet when you want to run Quicken.  That will put it into the offline mode.
    Another thing you might want to do is to make sure Mobile & Web Sync is turned off (Edit > Preferences > Mobile and Web > Sync = OFF > OK).  This will turn off the sync function for the Mobile & Web features but it will not stop Quicken from syncing with the Cloud Account to verify subscription and version status.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R54.16 on Windows 11)

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