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How do I setup online access for an existing investment account (Roth IRA)? The 'Online Services' setup page leads you to a process of setting up a new account. I want to be able to download transactions and the like to an existing account. Besides the process did not ask for info on the financial institution, so how would it link? I'm confused...


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    What Financial Institution holds the account?
    Have you tried TOOLS, Account List, clicking EDIT adjacent to the  account, clicking ONLINE SERVICES and clicking ACTIVATE (or SETUP) whatever is there?

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    I'll give it a shot. Thanks much for the tip. BTW - I've been a Quicken user since the Parson's Technology check-register program days (5¼" floppies). Doesn't make me an expert however. Thanks again.
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    Figured it out (finally...). This particular Roth prefilled the financial institution with the name of the broker. The online setup used this broker name and kept trying to setup a new account with the broker. When I changed the name of the financial instituion to the clearing house the online setup worked! Good tip asking about the financial institution. Thanks again...
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