How do I disable the "Download Transactions" bar?

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How do I disable the "Download Transactions" bar at the bottom of a register?
ref: Quicken Home 2017


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    Hi @Jeff144,

    If you no longer want to see the "Downloaded Transactions" window at the bottom of a register, the only way to accomplish that is to change the account from a "connected account" (which is an account that has the ability to download transactions from a financial institution) to an "unconnected account" (which cannot and will not download transactions).

    But to accomplish that for an account, you should take these steps:

    1) Open the account register > then click on little "gear icon" in the upper right > then select "Edit account details";
    2) Click on the "Online Services" Tab > in the Online Services box at the top - click on the "Deactivate" button;
    3) This will take you through a process that will disconnect the account and return it to a "manual" (or non-connected) account.

    Let me know if you have any followup questions.


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    Given that this for Quicken 2017 I would expect that all the accounts are "Deactivated"/not connect to online services (If not certainly start with that).

    But note that even in a "Deactivated"/not connected account you will get at least the "Bill and Income Reminders" tab at the bottom, which might not be desirable.  To completely eliminate this tab at the bottom of non-investment accounts turn on this option:
    Edit -> Preferences -> Downloaded transactions -> Automatically add to banking registers
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    that did it, thanks
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