Can I upload from Windows Quicken data to Web for read only?

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We do reconciliations on Quicken Home & Business Windows. We tried doing sync mobile, and sync to Quicken Mac. Disaster! All we wanted to be able to do was reporting and exporting data from Web and Mac, based on Windows data. Didn't want intermediate downloading with institutions.
Gave up after weeks of tech support, the recovery.

Any settings suggestions?


  • NotACPA
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    Sorry, but there's no such functionality.
    Q is intended to be used by one person, and that person would have access to all of the data.

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  • ftyminski
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    Thank you again, NotACPA.
    I am one person, using multiple platforms depending on location and equipment. I don't want to change or download new data on Mac, web or iOS app. Just want to see previously reconciled data on demand. When I want to see most current transactions or balances, I go to institution sites or apps.
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