Statement balances haven't updated since November 30

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Hi, my online balance is not updating, but I am getting new transactions loaded,
using quicken for Windows for years, this is just started happening a week ago,
my balance is several days behind but my transaction downloaded are up to date as of today. So you can't reconcile your accounts. This is happening with Chase, Citi and Synchrony Bank for sure. I haven't changed anything about how I auto update and reconcile which I do several times a week and have for over 10 years with Quicken. I was told yesterday through Chat it's the bank. This can't be true when I am reading posts that several people are experiencing the same problem. And all banks this just started happening for? Please help!


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    What release of Quicken are you using?  (Help > About Quicken)
    What downloading method is being used for the Chase, Citi and Synchrony Accounts?  (Tools > Account List > Transaction Download column)
    Chase and Citi both allow for using Direct Connect as the download method, I'm unsure what Synchrony uses.  Direct Connect is the most reliable method, but I do believe that Chase and Citi also support Express Web Connect which is, in my opinion, less reliable.  Is there any chance that you were using Direct Connect and, somehow, the method has changed to Express Web Connect?
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    Hi Tom. Version R45-13 and Build All of the accounts are Express Web Connect. The transactions are all downloading and working fine. It's just that my balances haven't updated since November 30 so after I accept the transactions, when I go to reconcile to my online balance, it's way off.
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    And... Express Web Connect (EWC) has been the downloading method for all 10 years? 
    You might try switching Chase and Citi to Direct Connect (DC) if you can, (I think some Financial Institutions (FIs) only allow DC for "grandfathered" accounts), and be prepared to to deal with the inevitable duplicated transactions with the first download.
    I guess the first thing to try is a "Copy and Validate" as outlined as the third item here: as it is kind of strange that Accounts from 3 different FIs would all start to show the same problem at the same time, so some sort of data corruption does seem to be at least a possibility.
    If you stick with EWC then I'd say it's time to contact Official Quicken Support directly as the problem might be on their end.
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