Sensible to delete older transactions if I only want to start tracking Q4 of 2022 moving forward?

I just started using Quicken in Nov 2022. I connected various of my bank accounts which imported data going back only until mid-2022. As I do not have the time to manually import data from all of these sources, would it be sensible to delete all transactions pre-dating Q4 2022? Would doing so impact any of my account balances or would they auto-adjust according to their linked sources?
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  • Jim_Harman
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    Your balances will not auto adjust if you delete older transactions, but you can edit the Opening Balance transaction so that it show the correct balance as of your starting date.

    But I can't think of why you would want to do this. You could always set the starting date for any reports to 10/1/22 if you want the report to start on that date.
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  • hbwilliams22
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    Setting the starting date for any reports to 10/1/22 is a good suggestion. I'll do this over deleting any transactions.
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