Why do I have 2 different balances for the same banking account?

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With the last update an existing checking account in the account bar show a balance of $1000, yet when I run the Reports->Networth and Account Balance ->Networth report it shows the balance at $1529. The current balance and ending balance from the account balance tab show $1000. The correct answer should be $1000. Why is Networth/Account balance reporting different?


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    Hi @bberry,

    The balance that shows in the "account bar" may be different from the account balance in a Net Worth report if your display settings for the account bar are set to "Show Current Balance in the Account Bar" rather than "Show Ending balance in the Account Bar".  If you want them to be the same, change the Account Bar setting to "Show Ending" and they should agree.

    BTW - to change those settings - click on the little "Gear" icon at the very top of the Account Bar.

    Let me know how that goes.


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  • bberry
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    I changed the setting to Ending Balance and restarted Quicken.....In the Account Bar the new Ending Balance matched the old Account Balance for the offending account.....which still does not match the same account balance on the Net Worth reports. Other ideas?????
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    Is the Net Worth report you're using one that has been customized by you sometime in the past, and then saved? 
    It's known to happen that a Quicken update can sometimes hose a saved report from a previous version.
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    What is the Net Worth Report's Ending Date?
    Have you recorded register transactions with a future date, beyond today's date, already?
    If so, these transactions may have been included in the account balance shown in the report.
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    Q1: The Net Worth reports is the standard report accessed from Reports>Net Worth and Balances>Net Worth.
    Q2: There are no future transactions recorded.
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