How to handle Bank Accounts changing as of Jan 1st [edit]

Our church is getting a new name and ein number. We will be getting all new checking accounts. How do I handle the old account...hide or delete. There's years of information. Jan.1 is when we switch over. Also what about checks written in 2022 which clear in 2023. We use cash accounting.


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    Is it the church itself that's changing its name and EIN?  From the standpoint of Quicken that's pretty much irrelevant and in and of itself it shouldn't require getting new checking accounts. 
    But if you are opening new checking accounts then you'll want to keep the old checking Account in Quicken open until you're completely sure that no more activity will be transacted in that account, at which point you close the account with the old bank.  In Quicken, after closing the account at the bank, you can Close (NOT delete) the old Account, and hide it.  All the information in that Account will still be available to you.
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    Thank you so much!
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