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I have used Quicken Windows for many years. I really have been happy with Quicken Windows. I am currently using Quicken for Windows on my Win10 desktop. I have purchased a Mac Pro and would like to take it on vacation and also use Quicken. I can't get Quicken to work right on my Mac Pro. I continually have account errors. I have deleted the Quicken App along with the data files from the hard drive and cloud. After reinstalling the App I am still experiencing errors. I still use Quicken on my Win desktop with no problems. Hopefully there is a fix.


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    @cutlass First, there is no way to shift back and forth between using Quicken Windows and Quicken Mac, if that's what you are trying to do. You can migrate your data file from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac, but not back again.

    Second, which Mac do you have? You said Mac Pro, but that's the very large, expensive Mac tower which is 3 years old — and not a machine you'd likely be taking on a vacation. Did you mean a MacBook Pro, a laptop computer? What version of macOS is it running? 

    Finally, can you share more information about the errors you are experiencing. Are these errors/discrepancies from importing your Quicken Windows data file? Errors downloading transactions from banks/brokerages? The more detail you can share, the greater the chance someone here can provide help.
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