Transfer of data from iBook to iMac was unsuccessful

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I have purchased an iMac but when I transferred the Quicken data from my notebook, nothing came over. I t asked my ID and my password but I get all kinds of denial for the data. What do I need to do and things I need to do must be simple as I'm not good with technology,


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    @emelbee - Do you really mean an older iBook, or the more recent MacBook laptop ? 

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  • RickO
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    And how did you transfer the data? Did you use Apple's Migration Assistant? 

    Can you post screenshots of the "denial" messages you are getting?
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    @emelbee On your old Mac, were you using the current Quicken Mac, with an annual subscription? Or were you using the old, long-discontinued Quicken 2007? If the latter, there's a good chance your new Mac is running an operating system which doesn't support the old version of Quicken. So it would be helpful if you could share what macOS and what Quicken version was on the old Mac, and what version of macOS is on the new computer. This will help us provide you further suggestions without going down a wrong path.
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