Citi Card Issues Dec 2022 - Aggregator Error - site down - FDP-102

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Hi all - not the end of the world but 90% of all my data is via this card. With wife's holiday shopping I kind of like the ignorance - LOL - OK just kidding I'm probably worse....

Keep saying site is down - although it is not.

Aggregator_IN_Error (FI_Timeout:FDP-102)

I've tried common fixes deactivating account and reconecting - creating new account etc... seems to be between Quickin and Citi Cards

Any thoughts or help?


  • UKR
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    Check to make sure you are using "Citi Cards" as the financial institution name and "Direct Connect" as the connection method, not "Web Connect" or "Express Web Connect".
    If you don't know what I'm talking about please contact  Quicken Support on the phone during posted hours of operation and let them talk you thru the setup process.
  • Thank you. Worked - also had to go to Citi to approve re-linking the card - that was the issues
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