Why can't I use Quick Pay to pay Chase credit card online bills???

As a long-time Quicken user, I have suffered through years of dysfunction between Quicken and Chase Bank. I had hoped that the final resolution would be the Quicken revamp of connectivity and my switch over to the new Quicken Bill Manager system that allows you to use the QuickPay function for most major vendors and the Check Pay system for small minor payees. However, for some reason, Quicken at this point -- after all of this rejiggering -- still does not work well with Chase. While I'm able to download my transactions ok, Quicken is still not allowing me to use QuickPay to pay my Chase online bill manager credit card bills. Why? I can use QuickPay to pay for every other credit card I have at Bank of America, CitiBank, and American Express. Why not Chase? Will I eventually be able to use Quickpay to pay my Chase Credit Cards? What is going on?


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