Are we able to use our tax exempt status to renew our Quicken

We used a reseller to purchase our licenses for Quicken Deluxe. Now we need to renew but they are telling me they can't renew, rather we need to go through Quicken. I am only finding that I have to use a credit card, PayPal or our banking info. Is there any way around this?


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    You can purchase Quicken through many 3rd party retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Costco, etc. You just enter the activation code in the package to extend your subscription.
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    Thanks Greg, I didn't even think of that. I assumed that would mess up our subscriptions.
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    If you buy a new Quicken make sure it's NOT for New Users only.  That won't renew your subscription.  

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    Just to summarize -
    1 - you can purchase retail Quicken from your usual sources & use your tax-exempt letter to save taxes...
    2 - you DO NOT want any version that indicates - "For New Users Only" -
    3 - within the box (or download & email) - there should be an Activation Card - with a code & maybe an expiration date
    4 - you don't have to actually install any new software - you just need the Activation Code
    5 - within the last 6 months of your Quicken Subscription -
    you can enter the Activation Code in your existing Quicken to extend your Subscription
    ... ... --> Help --> About Quicken
    ... ... --> Help --> Manage Your Subscription --> Enter Activation Code

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