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PenFed Download Issues

crdmld Member ✭✭
Here is a letter I received recently from PenFed regarding this issue:
Thank you for contacting PenFed.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Third-party applications can use a variety of means to access your data, one of these options is called screen-scraping. After careful consideration, PenFed has decided not to allow the collection of data through screen-scraping at this time; therefore, connecting to those type of programs, such as Quicken, Mint, and Ramp may be blocked. Applications that use alternative means of data collection are still allowed and should work as intended.

If you are experiencing issues with a third-party application, you may need to manually download transactions to your device, and then import the data to the desired program.

To download your recent transaction history for use in other applications:
1. Log in to PenFed Online and click the name of your account. For credit cards, click the arrow next to More account info actions and select Download Transactions.
2. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the plus icon (+) next to Download Transactions.
3. Select the transactions you want to download from three selections in the dropdown menu:
o All - downloads all available transactions.
o Transactions selected individually above - use this option along with clicking the Download box next to each individual transaction you select in the upper portion of the screen.
o Transaction # range - use this option along with the Range dropdown menus to select the earliest and latest range of transaction numbers.
4. Select the download format appropriate for your program:
o QFX Format (Quicken 2006 and higher)
o QFX Format (Money 2001 and higher)
o QIF Format (Quicken/Money all other versions)
o Comma Separated Value (CSV)
5. Click Download.

Repeat the process for each account for which you want to download transaction history.


Penny L.
PenFed Credit Union


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