How do I enter a deposit? Did I set my computer up for Bank when its all perosnal?

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I think I set up Quicken for use through a bank - and it's just for my personal use. Can I fix this?


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    I really heed help.
  • Tom Young
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    I don't understand your situation, or your problem. 
    Quicken is an accounting program, designed to track your assets and liabilities that exist out in the real world.  That is, you create a Quicken "Account" for each of your assets - checking, savings, for example - and your create a Quicken Account for each of your liabilities - credit cards, mortgages, for example.  Some of these Accounts can be connected to the associated financial institution for downloading of transactions, if you wish, or you can create these Accounts as "manual" Accounts, not connected to a financial institution.  In the latter case you make all entries manually.
    Are you saying you set up your checking Account as a "connected", downloading Account, and you don't want to have it that way?  If that's the case then right-click on the Account in the Account Bar, (vertical column on the left or right of the screen, select "Edit/Delete account", click on the "Online Services" tab ot the Account Details screen, and click on the "Deactivate" button. 
    If that isn't your issue, add some detail to your post about what the problem is.
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